How to Decorate for Christmas in a Small Apartment

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How to Decorate for Christmas in a Small Apartment

When the holiday season approaches, the best way to get in the Christmas spirit is to begin decorating. If you live in a small apartment it might be a little tricky to let your holiday spirit show. When you only have so much space to work with you have to be a bit creative. This means that you need to follow a few tips that are designed to make Christmas decorating easier for small spaces. Just because you live in a small apartment doesn’t mean that you can’t have a beautifully decorated space this is festive and visually appealing.

Here are the Christmas decorating tips to remember when you live in a small apartment:

Twinkle Lights

The best way to decorate small spaces is to place decoration is parts of the apartment that you don’t use. This means that placing twinkle lights from the ceiling can be a great way to give any room a holiday feel without taking up any real space. Lights can make a big difference and you can even choose to hang twinkle lights that are in the shape of stars and snowflakes to give the room more of a wintery Christmas feel.


If you live in a small apartment, chances are that you most likely do not have enough room for a large tree. This means that you should stick with greenery decorations. You can still make your space festive by adding a small table with greenery and vintage candles that will give your apartment a festive feel. A little bit of greenery really can go a long way. You do not need an oversized tree in your apartment if you have some greenery that you can set out in a unique way. The possibilities really are endless.


If there is one Christmas decoration that you are sure to have room for in your small apartment it is mistletoe. Mistletoe is a great holiday decoration that you can hang up. It does not take up space and can hang from the top of any door frame in your apartment. Not only will it look festive, but it is a holiday tradition for most people. Decorating your small apartment is never complete until you hang up the mistletoe. As long as you have a doorway, you can make it work no matter what size your apartment is.

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